Therapy is for us, too.

Therapeutic Tseng is a group practice that aims to increase access to mental health services for the BIPOC population and for all others who hold a marginalized identity.

Over here, you’ll find passionate and brave therapists whose passion is to help clients obtain freedom from systemic conditioning and gain the tools to live their full personhood.

Our therapists are licensed to see clients in Maryland and the District of Columbia! We offer telehealth individual, teen, couples, and family therapy.

Astrology Offerings with a Therapist

Christina Tseng, LCMFT is also an accomplished astrologer!

Experience the depth and wisdom Astrology has to offer. Christina is cross-trained in both Astrology and Therapy, ensuring that you not only understand your birth chart, but truly make meaning from it.

Astro Counseling helps you understand your inner-growth patterns and provides wisdom on how to plan with the stars.

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